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Ornamental Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

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This collection is created to enhance the creativity and beauty in you indoor or outdoor decoration. We realized that you were bored of the same typical decorative tools and were looking for new, modern, and cool decorative elements. Therefore, we collected the Amigurumi Pear and the Amigurumi Seashell to add cuteness and color into both your bathroom and your kitchen. These sugar-sweet Amigurumis are included in this collection to provide you a perfect decoration while spreading positivity with their smiling faces and colors. Don’t be late to meet this collection and thus create a better living area for you and your beloved ones!

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Amigurumi Pears Free Crochet Pattern

When mentioning about fruits the mostly known ones are considered to be apples, strawberries, and…Amigurumi Pears! To make you understand better and clearly, for those days in which no colorful fruit is standing in the bowl and the room decoration lacks of color; the Amigurumi Pears are the best option to gain back the cute decoration. Although they cannot be eaten, they are almost indistinct from the fresh pears. When seeing them from a distance, one thinks that they are real. These Amigurumi Pears are also a great solution to substitute the real fruit that molders in the bowl. These Amigurumi Pears will not molder or look bad ever! They will keep their perfection as long as you wish.

Level: Beginner Author: June Gilbank

The full article about this pattern is here. More info about this pattern and photos are here.

Amigurumi Seashell Free Crochet Pattern

Nowadays there are so many decorative tools that add color and cuteness to the room. For example seashells are the most used decorative elements for a harmonious bathroom. We decided to present you the perfect decorative touch namely, the Amigurumi Seashell that will add sweetness to the place. With the smooth and pastel baby-blue/pink colors used, the Amigurumi Seashell obtained a perfect look. The fact that these sugar-sweet Amigurumi Seashells have got a smiling place increases the positivity and adds good energy into the room placed. Whoever is bored of the regular decorative elements, can take a look at these cute Amigurumi Seashells and turn the boring room into a joyful underwater world.

Level: Beginner Author: ChiWei Ranck

The full article about this pattern is here. More info about this pattern and photos are here.

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