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Crochet Patterns Kids Amigurumi

Trick or Treat Crochet Amigurumi ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

I love the look and feel of a badminton net, but I am not sure how I would crochet one myself. I was thinking of having a badminton net with a rice bowl as a center as I wou...

Crochet Patterns Home

Different boookmark patterns with Free Crochet Patterns

This is a little project for people who want to learn to crochet. It's not complete yet but the finished product looks cute....

Knitting Patterns Apparels

Delightful Cardigan Free Knitting Patterns

When I started to create this collection, I was google that why do pastel colors attract people? Pastel colors are the most attractive colors of springs. It take us back to ...


Crochet Patterns Kids Toys

Mind-Blowing Amigurumi with Free Crochet Patterns

I've been making amigurumi for almost 7 years now. I started out with hand crochet, but I soon switched to an electric machine to crochet. As with all the projects that I've...


Awesome Shawl with Free Knitting Patterns

I'm the most likely to crochet so I wanted to make a Shawl version. I love the design of this Shawl, it is so cute and very modern, I'm not sure how I will be able to use it...

Crochet Patterns Amigurumi

Superb Looking Amigiurumi with Free Crochet Patterns

I've been on a mission to find a way to make amigurumi. I've been doing it for a while now, but I've decided to take a few months off and just focus on crocheting. This will...

Crochet Patterns Amigurumi

Cute Amigurumi with Free Crochet Patterns

This pattern is a great way to practice the basics of crochet. The pattern is based on the popular Amigurumi pattern from the website, Amigurumi Knits....

Crochet Patterns Toys

Amazing Amigurumi Doll Free Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi Dolls are known for their originality, creativity, and unique look. But they also have a ton of problems when it comes to construction. The main problem with amigu...

Amigurumi Toys

Cute Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

This is my fave pattern. It is classified as "Easy" so I am hoping that it will be a nice easy project for anyone to make. It is a classic design with a lot of stitches and ...

Crochet Patterns Amigurumi

Cutie Amigirumi's with Free Crochet Patterns

What is the difference between a free crochet pattern and a commercial crochet pattern? A commercial crochet pattern is created with the intention of earning money by sellin...

Knitting Patterns Apparels

Variegated Shawls with Free Knitting Patterns

Hey Folks! This is a project that I am sharing with my friends and family. I have been knitting a lot of Shawls lately and this one is a quick way to get started. I am not a...

Knitting Patterns Apparels

Elegant Shawl Designs with Free Knitting Patterns

The Shawl is one of the most popular shawls in the world, and it's not a bad thing. It's a shawl that is meant for a warm season, or a cool winter. Typically, I don't wear s...

Crochet Patterns Home

Pretty Afgan Squares with Free Crochet Patterns

This video is about how I did a pretty simple afghan for my new baby niece. I like how easy it is to make a pretty afghan! The pattern is pretty simple but once you follow t...

Crochet Patterns Utilities

Awesome Bookmarks with Free Crochet Patterns

You may wonder why I am making a tutorial for Crochet Star Wars. I'm going to make this tutorial to show you how to make Star Wars Star Wars Rotslager Crochet Patterns. If y...

Knitting Patterns Apparels

Charming Bonnets with Free Knitting Patterns

I made this pattern for my first time making something, this is a lovely pattern for a bonnet. The pattern is a bit more complicated than the other patterns I have made. Thi...

Knitting Patterns Apparels

Adorable Shawls with Free Knitting Patterns

Hey folks! I love to knit and I love to knit sweaters. This pattern is very easy to knit and is very nice. I tried to make it very nice and soft. I also made it a little bit...

Crochet Patterns Apparels

Adorable Shawls with Free Crochet Patterns

The best and most popular of all Shawls are the embroidered ones. They are usually just a bit smaller than the normal ones. As the pattern of a Shawl is often very similar t...

Knitting Patterns Apparels

Cute Knitting Baby with Free Knitting Patterns

Knitting is a great skill for all ages, and I am very happy to announce that there are many great knitting kits out there. I would like to introduce you to a great knitting ...