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Knitting Patterns Blankets

Cute knitted Baby Blankets with Free Knitting Patterns

First I am going to introduce you to the famous Baby Blankets, these are a cute baby blankets, I can make these baby blankets for my little sister when she has a baby, and t...

Crochet Patterns Ornaments

Elegant Christmas Ornaments with Free Crochet Patterns

A lot of people have asked me whether it's possible to make a tree with a big bow while hiding and not disturb the people around. The answer is yes, and in this tutorial, I'...

Crochet Patterns

Different boookmark patterns with Free Crochet Patterns

This is a little project for people who want to learn to crochet. It's not complete yet but the finished product looks cute....

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Sweet Bunny Amigirumi with Free Crochet Patterns

Bunny amigurumi is my very first toy. I made it because I didn't know what to do with it, so now I can do something with it. It's so cute and so soft. I hope you like it too...

Apparels Knitting Patterns

Simple Green Cowl with Free Knitting Patterns

This pattern is so darn cute and I can't wait to knit it. :) I tried one of the "simple" openwork patterns that I saw on the internet. I love it, but I don't want to use a b...

Apparels Knitting Patterns

Classic Cowl with Free Knitting Patterns

I'm a beginner knitter, I'm sorry. I have made a few mistakes. Here's what I learned so far: First, don't be scared of using "knitting" for a beginning knitter. Knitting is ...

Crochet Patterns Apprels

Shiny Shawls with Free Crochet Patterns

Hello, I am here to teach you how to crochet shawls with shawl body stitches.I have heard so many people complain about shawls being too bulky and/or too thin. So I'm here t...

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Lovely Amigurumi with Free Crochet Patterns

Many of you may know that I designed her. She is a 10-year-old girl with a very cute face. She is an amigurumi doll who loves to go to the park and she is the type of doll y...

Home Crochet Patterns Christmas Ornament

Stylish Christmas Ornaments with Free Crochet Patterns

I am finally going to share my Christmas Ornaments with you! I have been trying to crochet Christmas Ornaments for a while now but I kind of lost interest and ended up with ...

Home Crochet Patterns Christmas

Lovely Halloween Ornaments Free Crochet Patterns

Hello there, cuties! Who is in urgent need of crochet patterns for Halloween? Whether you are experiencing an Indian Summer or the weather is pretty miserable, it’s a...

Apparels Knitting Patterns

Simple Pastel Cowl with Free Knitting Patterns

This is a simple pattern to make a simple cowl pattern with a basic design. I made it with Simplicity 3.2, but it should work with Simplicity 5.1 or newer. It is a simple pa...

Home Crochet Patterns

Cute Christmas Ornaments with Free Crochet Patterns

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how to create cute Christmas ornaments. I will be using a lot of different kinds of Christmas decorations to make these cute ornamen...

Apparels Knitting Patterns

Stylish Colorful Cowl with Free Knitting Patterns

Cowl is a close knit menswear garment, popular among guys that can be worn with a t-shirt or a long blazer. With the help of the pattern, we can make a fantastic cowl that i...

Home Kids Christmas

Christmas Blankets for Kids with Free Crochet Patterns

I am a Beginner Crochet-we rouse! I am new to sewing and learning how to crochet. I have lots of pictures of my projects. I hope that you enjoy my projects. ...

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Stunning Amigurumi with Free Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi are small, pink, bug-like creatures that look like a cross between a caterpillar and a small mantis. They look so cute that they are often mistaken for tiny miniat...